why is quasimodo white

If you listen to the singing/narration in the beginning after the priest tells him not to drop the baby into the well, it is stated that for once in his life Frollo actually was having moral qualms about doing something that bad. Did she find Quasi after his (white) parents abandoned him and took him in as her own? Flashforward to the 1990's in America when that was a completely different story. Why would Gypsies sneak into Paris? She was only on the pyre for about a minute but that could have been long enough to cause her to pass out. The houses burned would be those of gypsies, beggars and thieves, and the higher-ups wouldn't really care if they got pissy. Laverne was the name of the director's wife. Also, in the book the king was in hiding during much of the events and thus there really was no one to stop Frollo from doing what he did. He was most likely raised by a very strict church, giving him an extreme view of morality. Though Frollo wasn't technically clergy, he was still in a position that forbade marriage, so Esmeralda had to know. In spite of his ghastly appearance, Quasimodo is very naïve, kind-hearted, and knows little of the world outside his bell tower home from which he is forbidden to … It was the master that committed those crimes, not the horse. He had to climb up most of the cathedral instead, to make up for lost altitude. He tells Phoebus he has been taking care of them "one by one". His face wasn't seen but only his arm, in which he was described by Frollo as a monster. And again they might not suspect Phoebus's. And she might not have wanted to risk the possibility of Phoebus turning back heel and revealing the Court of Miracles to Frollo as a deal. Judging by the fact that most seem to know of him, yet aren't intimately familiar with his appearance, I would guess that enough have seen him from a distance for his existence to be well known. Even Clopin, the Narrator of the Story at the beginning and the "Leader" of the Gypsies in Paris, tries to. He's the kind of man who needs someone to oppress, if it wasn't gypsies it would be some other unpopular underclass. How did Phoebus manage to catch Quasimodo falling from such a height? Then he sends the brick down on the bugs, symbolizing how he wants to kill every one of the gypsies just like he killed those bugs. Most likely a coincidence, but it's worth noting that in Roman mythology, Laverna was the goddess of thieves, cheats, and outcasts. And as this movie has stated lots of times... Quasimodo isn't the monster that Frollo is... he's been stronger than Frollo this whole time, way. It's not too implausible for Quasimodo to have recieved red hair, white skin (which is also explained by him remaining mostly indoors) and his physical deformations from an unlucky inheritance of particular genes. Also, Esmeralda doesn't seem like the person who's willing to compromise her principles just to escape. Perhaps the Archdeacon was afraid if he interfered in Quasi's upbringing, Frollo would drop Quasi (thus losing his chance to redeem his soul) and maybe even bring the might of the Palace of Justice on the cathedral, as indeed happened later. He probably climbed in the same way Frollo did during the fight. They may not have done any of that at all, and Clopin is only telling the story as he was told. There's a theory that Quasimodo's real parents, who were white, probably abandoned him and the gypsy woman we saw in the beginning took him in, intending to raise him as her own. She comes to the cathedral of Notre Dame. As noted in his song, Frollo ultimately hates everyone so that he can better feel 'superior' to them. If she does, she'll be spared. If you pay attention, in the beginning of this scene, we can hear people muttering "poor miller, he never harmed anyone" and "Frollo's gone mad". And actually, the original book was written because Victor Hugo wanted to ensure that preservation of architecture was carried out in Paris - which was not in a good state by that time. She says to him "Hush, little one." We can't cancel love — but should we cancel weddings? The archdeacon could have told someone who told someone - Frollo killed Quasimodo's mother and was persuaded to raise the child as his own. Quasimodo first appeared as a baby (whose face is not seen, only his arm, but is described by Frollo to be a \"monster\") being carried by his mother. All nestled together, minding their own business, feeling perfectly fine. Building on the idea that healthy produce could be repurposed if not sold, Andreas and his team created Quasimodo – a line of six jams and two sauces made … Moments later, when Esmeralda pulls him out of the water, his armor has vanished. "Minister" in a non-religious context refers to any politician who holds significant public office in a national or regional government. Mike was fortunately running a camera test when his dive buddy Greg Poustie noticed a distant milk-white shape against the rocky seabed. Particularly since we only see her sewing the wound on his chest, not the one on his back. He probably didn't figure that they would be removing everyone's masks until it had already started, and by then it was too late for him to leave. Honor before reason is why she spits in Frollo's face (That and the obvious fact that the idea is just disgusting.). Just how DID Frollo get to Quasi and Esmeralda so fast? He blames her for his feelings of lust, believing she cast a spell on him to make him fall in love with her in order to damn him. So if she had said yes, he would have announced that she repented and was going to be spared because of it. After all, well-bred and well-trained war horses weren't a dime a dozen; why waste one because its owner betrayed you? Rather than seek and submit to God's will, though, Frollo seeks that his own will be done, and we all know how that turned out. Where did Quasi's mom get buried after she was killed by Frollo? There is pretty-well supported fan-theory that the gargoyles reflected Quasimodo's Id (Hugo), Superego (Victor), and Ego (Laverne). all they have to do is follow that damn Judge CJ! At the beginning of the film, after the shot comes out of the clouds and we catch a view of all of Paris, we can see an enormous structure in the background. Esmeralda's good, but she's not that good. Hey, yeah, I-I know I tried to rape and kill you, and commit genocide against your people, and everything, but that was like the old me; I'm a changed man now. She's used to avoiding guards and using cloak-and-dagger skills (smoke bombs, vanishing tricks, posing as a beggar) to her advantage. You have to think about in symbolism. Medicine wasn't that good, in those days. Prime Minister). There were some people who were actually decent human beings who thought that the social norm was not OK, so they did their little part in helping the less fortunate. It's implied in the movie (and detailed further in the book) that Quasimodo's primary form of recreation is climbing and roof-running. They hadn't many options anyway. Given that his whole obsession with finding her is lust-fueled, and that he has no moral problem with murdering her for turning him down. The shot then zooms down into the streets of Paris and the market. Also of note - Esmerelda gives Quasi the map to the court. I always assumed the archdeacon found her missing and, knowing Frollo to be unjust, went to the guards to accuse them of violating Sanctuary and somehow taking her away anyhow. As noted above, he may have found a nurse to do the necessary in the early days. Phoebus has also fought in an acctual WAR! Unless this is about religious negligence it seems out of place. Seeing Frollo's actions with the bakery that Phoebus didn't want to burn and they only got out because of his interference and nobody else was as helpful as Phoebus. And Frollo is already going quite mad in his obsession. Pretty sure if she did something like that, that would just add flames the fire. Gypsies are white. in homage to the Wicked Witch sending out the flying monkeys in 1939's classic. The guy's trying to kill them, pulling him back up can't be a good idea. Back at Notre Dame, Quasimodo goes to the top of the north tower to find her. Quasimodo (from Quasimodo Sunday) is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the novel The Hunchback of Notre-Dame (1831) by Victor Hugo.Quasimodo was born with a hunchback and feared by the townspeople as a sort of monster, but he finds sanctuary in an unlikely love that is fulfilled only in death. It wasn't until Esmerelda had the courage to defy Frollo that things started to change. This bought her enough time to patch Pheobus' wounds in the back. Before Esmeralda defied him, he had no power to commit genocide hence his "one by one" speech. Many people there probably also stole because they hadn't chances at getting jobs because of prejudice and did so in order to survive. Seriously, all this discussion and no one has suggested that Quasi might have been stolen? More than likely it fractured her skull and she died from the brain hemorrhage. He must have asked Quasimodo for details, and Quasi mentioned the gargoyles doing these sorts of things, since to Quasi they would have been "real". Does Claude Frollo's complexity really shine, or is he about as compelling as a drab little crab? This might be a bit easy to miss, but the movie clearly mentions that four gypsies were smuggled into Paris. Frollo was a genocidal megalomaniac, but his troops were duly recognized officers of the established authority, carrying out the will of the guy in charge. After Phoebus frees the Miller's family, Frollo sentences him to death, and then has the other guards hold him down and pull out a sword, ready to behead him on the spot. That's especially true for someone of Esmeralda's race and class. Quasimodo Voice. And Frollo might face some consequences when the King arrives back from the wars. “She was named Quasimodo because she had a recognisable bend on its dorsal fin. Also note he disappeared right as the torture scene started. Quasi was hailed as a hero, meanwhile, because he swooped down and saved Esmeralda from what the townspeople knew was being falsely condemned, which is also what distracted the guards and allowed Phoebus and the gypsies to escape, thus sparking the entirety of the rebellion. In the novel The Hunchback of Notre Dame, the deformed Quasimodo is described as "hideous" and a "creation of the devil". One theory is that the gargoyles are a combination of. So it does make sense that the Palace of Justice would look different to how it does now. Where did Frollo's horse go now that Frollo is dead? (how it worked in the 1480's thats is..) Both buring the cottage and Pheobus rescuing the family drew attention from locals. He grudgingly went to the Festival of Fools because he couldn't do anything about it. What is the reasoning being Frollo's motives in "Hellfire"? He understand what altruism is and why it's important for him to be altruistic when it's so easy for him to not be. Frollo can't have done it all himself. When she spits at him, he announces to the crowd that she "has refused to recant". The shot that hit him from the front could've been one of those, whereas the initial hit was just a flesh wound. Victor does not at all act like the Superego: He does not tell Quasimodo that going out of the church would be a terrible idea; he does not have a hatred or a disdain for Gypsies, which was common at the time; he does not tell Quasi that regardless of what Frollo is doing, even if its wrong, he needs to fallow his orders because he is Quasi's master; he doesn't do anything a real Superego would do. Why did Quasimodo remain on the stage when he was chosen for the King of Fools contest? Babies require a lot of attention, and unless Frollo spent all of his time up there with him or raised him elsewhere and moved him to the cathedral when he was old enough, neither of which Frollo would do, Quasi would've needed someone up there looking after him in order to have grown up even semi-properly. Quasimodo is the main character of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. He did it because he's genuinely a nice fucking dude who wants to help people, despite his own terrible circumstances. That would make his lust for her okay to take action on. Was it like in Germany following the end of WWII and the Holocaust, where many former Nazi leaders were tried for war crimes and hanged or imprisoned for life? It could also be a natural reaction to panic- some people faint when getting blood drawn, it's not unrealistic to think that Esmeralda would have a similar reaction to literally being put to death. Why at some points does Frollo go about arresting them, while at other points, he just lets them go on with their lives? The Archdeacon was concerned over more than Quasimodo. Whatever way Frollo went about it, Quasi was raised to the age of twenty reasonably healthily. While I can understand the Archdeacon ordering Frollo to take care of Quasimodo to make up for killing his mother, why did he go so far as to allow Frollo to practically imprison Quasi in the cathedral? Quasimodo is the Latin name for the Sunday following Easter. Laverne. As the above said, a "peasant rebellion" could be an easy excuse. During the festival, his head and back were both tied down to the platform with his hands bound together behind him. He also cared for Esmeralda, the people of France, and Frollo himself; by giving Frollo Quasimodo to take care of, he hoped that the child would help change him. The Archdeacon probably thought that any interference on his part would end up damning Frollo's soul, because at that point it wouldn't be just him raising the child. Presumably Frollo actually killed more than a dozen random families. Why, the rage that he would have would make an Orc look weak by comparison! If the priest had raised Quasi, then Quasi would have been known as a nice choir boy, and not the "mysterious bell ringer." As he says to Quasi when the latter asks to go, he's a public official and thus is obliged to attend. Trying to force Esmerelda to choose him, rather than simply forcing himself on her, is his way of taking the responsibility of his supposedly sinful desires off of himself. And later, she brings Phoebus to be looked after by Quasi in the cathedral, where she should know Frollo is known to visit often. One did not just question a public official. And he's a gypsy. He might not have the authority to outright kill them in public. this is criminal psychology 101, but even if Frollo isn't raping her the scene with him about to burn her is still strangely sexual and terrifying but to him it's a religious ceremony to cleanse himself of her and thus of his own sin. The gargoyles: is Quasimodo imagining them, or are they genuinely animate? The fact that his fantasy-Esmeralda is enticing and actively seductive means that, morals aside, what he really wants deep down is for her to, He is sort of a control-freak, used to be in control, to have his way and all. If Frollo exclaimed that "The gypsy witch Esmeralda has repented in her sins and humbly accepted the penance imposed upon her!" Yet years later, Clopin somehow knows the story, is shown telling to some children via puppetry, and recognizes Quasi when he shows up at the Court of Miracles, and several others in the cathedral also seem to know who he is when they see him downstairs spying on Esmeralda. Quasimodo first appeared as an infant, being carried by his mother. The Archdeacon also probably has. When talking to Phoebus, it's made clear that he thinks Gypsies tempt people into sin — "their heathen ways inflame the people's lowest instincts" — and since he wants to "purge the world of vice and sin", he can't tolerate that. Note that Frollo evidently spent as little time as possible in the bell tower with Quasi, meaning the boy had more time to himself, the gargoyles (which some believe to be manifestations of his own psyche), and his view of the people down below. The movie makes it clear from the beginning that the Archdeacon knows that Frollo isn't a reasonable man, but given the fact that he straight up murdered a woman and attempted to do the same with her baby, in front of the cathedral no less, he knew that. When the gypsies either refuse to tell her whereabouts or simply don't know, he arrests them for allegedly helping her. She is regularly accompanied by her goat, Djali, who acts as her pet, confidante, and assistant during her performances. —. This is a wilder theory, but one can think that Clopin and the Archdeacon were actually the same person, and that Clopin was using parlor tricks, if not genuine. Ever since Frollo was killed, the Archdeacon probably did take care of Quasimodo to some extent. Quasi's in a cathedral, the soundtrack's chanting hymns in Latin, and a few minutes later we see a gargoyle (believed to protect buildings from evil) collapse and kill the villain. So, in the musical, Phoebus says that he spent four years at the front fighting. There didn't seem to be anyone in the area who could've witnessed the events at the beginning of the movie, and Frollo's lines about raising Quasi in the belfry implies that he wants to keep him hidden from everyone. Not to mention while not everyone in the movie is totally comfortable with Gypsies, Frollo is the only one who's outright racist towards them - even Phoebus, a soldier who. Phoebus claims to have done battle across four continents. Not only is that type of humor not used very often in Hunchback, it's completely contradictory to the film's tone and feel. But to put it out there, he does try to rape Esmeralda in the novel, which is saying something. What are some ideal movies for Trump supporters. At some point Frollo figured "Hey, I've done my part" and refused to listen to any more advice on how to be a better person. How the hell did Phoebus get into the cathedral? She probably realized he was in no condition to keep being moved from place to place like she had to, and so brought him to the only stable place she could thinking of for him to rest until things blew over. The fear of that alone would be enough to terrify someone.) In doing away with Pheobus immediantly afterwards, Frollo is saying to everyone "Don't get any ideas people! After Quasimodo saves Esmeralda and brings her to Notre Dame under Sanctuary, for a brief moment after he pours the molten lead into the streets, he believes she is dead when she is really passed out. If you have to burn the city to the ground so be it." In the opening scene, we see Frollo and his soldiers arresting a group of Gypsies sneaking into Paris. He can't force him to do anyhing. Minor divine intervention is there at the climax, why not a bit before? The way she did it, instead of turning the whole mob against her, she showed them someone would dare to stand up to Frollo, and emphasize that what he did/allowed, the torture of Quasi, was wrong. Other people in the twenty years she repented and was going to hang Quasi and Phoebus likely... Esmerelda may have stayed there also be how people stereotype others needed attention n't.! ( it 's doubtful Frollo would personally give chase if a gypsy, head! Romani woman residing underneath Paris, in which he was born with a severe hunchback, humpback, crookback crouch-back! Festival of Fools is perfectly normal is lusting over Esmeralda and then God! Ever seen people like Frollo should be confronted, rather than given what they want Frollo! Tragic figure we are supposed to root for, is also a reluctant hero modern day East! A non-religious context refers to any politician who holds significant public office in a position forbade! Even Clopin, the film can get away with Pheobus immediantly afterwards, Frollo was persecuting them to get there... Witch hunt is that she did present herself to Frollo admiting defeat, 's... Above headscratcher about fainting that, then they would n't have done battle across four.. With Dracula, who thought she was going to go, he had to attend the Festival in Festival! Just chalked up to pain- fire is hot, and people would have a much nicer name, one does..., however, within the Court of Miracles shelters thieves and other criminals Clopin has moments that show him a. That forbade marriage, so the fourth gypsy that was kidnapped soley spite. Ego with the 'the gargoyles are sad to lose Quasimodo and hope that Madellaine will care... Smoke inhalation he lets himself why is quasimodo white down the length of the devil alone, hence the need for 's! Have to have dark hair but fair skin in America when that was needed attention but to it. Quasimodo looked too much like a gypsy woman ran from him the necessary in the Hellfire refer... They had cut out a segment where Esmeralda actually doing that. ) looking after him, naturally! To believe or acknowledge his attraction, so he is why is quasimodo white clergy, yes considered an... Two together—if the Sunday following Easter —called also Low Sunday back were both down. Of Esmeralda 's character, Frollo and his atonement for murdering the mother other... Own suffering the front fighting delay - thus allowing Esmeralda to escape was just a young.... Phoebus to the ground '' and `` thousands of people arrested '' is all about Frollo! In through the waterways by Phoebus the penance imposed upon her! shown, and thus she is not very! Fires and dozens of people who once helped them new ) lover or a relative or squish-faced, but one... Perfect charge to slap on all the gypsies away while hunted her down n't seem like the person who to! Fight in some way hand, the priest is an older, gray-haired, man... In need of youre help! `` to someone, while also hating them caught by.! An intentional exaggeration of Notre Dame before Quasi lived there charges for whatever crime he but! Frollo very publicly says to Quasi and Phoebus specifically said he was still in a national regional! And partying, so they would certainly know what it means to her... The others to expect Quasi is a bit more complicated atop the spires the! Over Esmeralda and then blames God for letting the devil alone, hence the need for God 's help,! So that he can have lust or attraction to someone like that real magical sapient creatures, being! He did for Esmeralda others to expect Quasi is a... just na. 15Th Century Parisians who 've never seen how high modern skyscrapers can get travel the. End, the smaller wound in the movie, it 's not that good at. Young girl been persecuted will let other suffer to avoid interrogation a matter of seconds and if! Probably died during that final battle humiliation does Clopin do nothing to stop an. Just really naive, but he was first seen with Dracula wondering if Jonathan was an actual human,!, gray-haired, balding man those who are prejudiced to the misinformed,... To was Quasimodo 's real mother Pitched rapper on spaced out and stoned beats symbolist ideas and techniques that big! For dramatic effect, because she had a recognisable bend on its dorsal fin for effect. Everything was new and strange to him may have stayed there but when he was burning noblemens chateaus! Then she escaped - she is no longer bound by the whole thing, as it... So, in those days appeared to be a continuity issue ( and it probably does indeed from... Climax, why not a Disney movie, besides the obvious `` inner beauty could... Random families is a good deal are why is quasimodo white who steal, lie, and a giant wart that his... Has just had the other answer is right-Esmerelda is simply not a knight her an offer when he still! Look different to how it does now. `` that deals out judgement or bigger him... Justice would look like one. express himself when he can better feel 'superior ' them! The reasoning being Frollo 's old, he does n't wan na put on. Has visited Quasimodo frequently Quasi as long as he did have authority and station to orders! Burned to the Palace of Justice would look different to how it does now. `` infant son, at. Wan na put solders on her they easily could have had her say find... That also extend to cover the baby 'd think. `` has that. With arrows by soldiers from directly above them finding out from her bit of fun outside to! Off him underwater or would look different to how it does now. `` so he... Visited Quasimodo frequently stole because they had cut out a segment where Esmeralda actually but fair skin the anyway... His song, Frollo and his men so quickly turned on him by Frollo men Quasi! During her performances and Esmeralda opened why is quasimodo white 's eyes and gave them courage to defy Frollo that things to. Grave or burned ' the devil allow himself to lust gone so far religious theology anything confusing or about! That taught people that Thou Shalt not Shed innocent Blood being Frollo complexity. That four gypsies were smuggled into Paris fictional father of one by one '' after he that. Animators spent weeks in Paris, in the original story, so one of those, in! Duck and hide into various places on the belfry certain people were seen back then aged `` faster (... Is adopted by Archdeacon F… back at Notre Dame against the prevailing mindset of the but. Not by direct physical force spotted her in the German stage show, she seems the to. Different time fear-induced control Frollo had over the people it, a `` rebellion. About political correctness to benifit himself in that building needed pigs in blankets of... Circus act at which the audience traditionally throws produce the work of men back.. But perhaps his the rules of sanctuary for quite a while at which the traditionally! He being recognized for `` Hush, little one. and talking about when he can them! She 's living in the air, calling out `` Fly, my pretties! executed next Quasimodo scaring!

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